US - Senior Data Scientist

Texas, United States · Data Science


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While you cruise through life in a digital bliss, the industrial world is stuck in a swamp of legacy applications running on some windows server in some basement. Forget about scaling and operationalizing machine learning models, even getting an overview of your data is close to impossible.

At Cognite, we liberate data from their legacy cages, use machine learning to figure out how data from different sources fit together, design company-wide data models, build high-performing and scalable storage and streaming solutions, help industry deploy analytics at scale across all their assets, and use gaming technology to visualize it all.

We have proven Cognite Data Fusion and technologies and in 2019 are looking to scale across Power, Oil and gas and other sensor rich industries. Working as a part of Cognite’s cross-functional customer facing teams, you will have a unique opportunity to build and deploy solutions (not just demos and slides) that augment to improve operations.

We believe in open culture, open source, and open data (see #dataliberationfront) but why the open application? At Cognite we live the idea that data science is a team sport. Our teams need to be as diverse as the problems we solve, covering

We’ll looking for senior levels of experience (7 years+) and you’ll need to show technical competency (github), drive (self training / projects) and customer empathy (project experience).

Want to know more? You should! Check out our website and then write to us and tell us what you’ll bring to our cross-functional customer facing teams and why you’re excited to help guide our customers through industrial digitalization.



We are an exciting fusion of the technological and the industrial, fast growth and sustainable innovation.

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